Stock Market Tips and Rules For Stock Trading Success

When you have rules in the stock market, this in essence is your money. Rules are set in place for a reason, and when you follow them you make money. So when you break the rules you are most likely to end up losing your money. This is the way it goes for the stock market.

If you have created certain trust worthy rules for stock trading you should always remember to abide by them. Keeping them in mind at all times is a discipline that should be followed for success.

Stock market tips & rules:

o You must follow the rules: Rules are made to be followed and to stick with them. They are there for a reason. It is natural among us to want to eventually break the rules or bend them, but staying disciplined is the key to succeeding.

o Your money management system: Never risk more than 3% of your portfolio or bankroll on a single stock trade. You must be able to keep your capital risks to a minimum for your long term success.

o This one requires EXTREME discipline as I have seen many lose their portfolio by not using this rule. Keeping your losses to 5-15 percent when you have made a wrong decision on a stock. You have to know when to admit that the stock will not do you good and you need to move on! There always has to be a stop point.

o Squeeze out the profits from a good run. When you know you have the momentum of a stock that is doing well for you, ride it out. Accept that you may have to give back a little for sticking with it to the end, but your profits will exceed your minor loss. Staying on top of the stock while on a good run is crucial as well. Try to attain some good information on when the trend is expected to slow down.

Following these simple yet effective stock market tips and rules will keep your portfolio contained and will have you setup for some good profits. If you have created your own set of rules or are creating new ones to follow test and adjust accordingly until you feel you have come up with a solid set of rules that will work for you.